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This site will connect you with people who want to avoid living in a retirement complex and maybe meet people with same interests and live in thier houses for far less money.This would leave you with more social security money to live and do what you want with. 

Find someone to retire with and save money.

This site will help you find another retiree who maybe needs companionship to do the things they would not be able to afford to do in a retirement home. They could have a house with no one there or need a place to live with someone who shares the same interests and can do things together.

Find the right person to retire with.

Ask questions and find out likes and dislikes about a possible roommate,love,or just a friend who might not be able to retire the way they want. Everyone deserves to spend their later years happy.So this site will contain home owners and people looking for a home to retire in. We believe there are more people out there needing us than one would think. This site is still in the making.


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